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Balcones Brimstone Resurrection

Balcones Brimstone Resurrection

World's Best American Whiskey 2014

Figs and maple syrup combine well and are followed by aging varnish. Cherry cough drops come through and the palate is a mix of oak, mulled orange, aniseed and ginger - Jason Thomson

Alluring aroma of wet, burnt paper. Woody, charred palate with layers of digestive biscuit, sulphur and smoke leading to a long, dry finish with notes of freshly drowned campfire. My kinda whiskey! - Jim Anderson

Half burnt firewood. An un-swept wood shop floor. Nice and nascent woody and fruit notes - Davin de Kergommeaux

The nose is smoky and punchy. Burning pinewood and lapsang souchong tea. Big tar. Mescal. The palate has huge smokiness, but probably not peat. Sour smoke, some kind of brine, I have no idea how this is made, but it’s fun - Serge Valentin