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Balcones Texas Single Malt

Balcones Texas Single Malt

Best American Single Malt Whisky 2016

Higher alcohol, woody and tannis, slightly smoky treated malt. Clean slightly smoky flavour, very nice malt profile, chocolaty

Best American Single Malt 2015

Butterscotch syrup, orange peel, and with water, a nutty maltiness on the nose. Fatter on the tongue, with roasted spice and some buzzy alcohol. Delicate and precise beneath the wood. Powdered ginger finish. Clearly a lovely distillate.

Sweet chocolate nose. Biscotti palate, approachable for any whisky drinker. Long, a little lean finish – very spicy and drying, young but great barrels. Overall great American version of classic Scot style.

Best American Single Malt 2014

Pungent, salty, Oloroso fumes with some herbal rye-like notes, cold tea and malt. Very herbal, water brings out citrus. A big mouthful of sun dried fruit, malt and treacle. Herbal rye notes again, intense finish with plenty of drying spices. Chris Goodrum

Maple fudge and burnt sugar. Musty oak with a rich peaty smokiness all in balance. Joseph Cassidy Rice pudding with apple sauce. Big, rich palate. Well balanced alcohol. Lucy Britner

Leather car seats in the sun. Some parma violets and cinnamon. Rich nut brittle, caramelised oaky char. Seáneen Sullivan

Nice nose, sherried spice, bit of woodiness and a suggestion of smoke. Continues to deliver on revisiting. Sweetness and spice come through and keep giving. Cat Spencer

Best American Single Malt Whisky No Age Statement 2013