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Compass Box The Peat Monster

Compass Box The Peat Monster

Best Scotch Blended Malt 2014

Sooty and oily, coal tar on the nose. Sweet, restrained peat, crowd pleasing. Well balanced - Ben Ellefsen

Brine washed seashells, salted lemons and vanilla sugar. Roasted lobster shells and hot sea-soaked rope - Annabel Meikle

Smoke, green hay, apple and a bit of asparagus. Sweet smoke on the palate. Big smoky finish - Lucy Britner

The sweetness provides a great basis for a range of complementary and counterbalancing notes - Ian Wisniewski

Peat, smoke and spiciness on the palate with earthy, leafy notes intertwined with pears, apples and citrus. Prunes in the finish - Ludo Ducrocq

Light, floral, lemony with spearmint and dried seashells on the nose. The palate is a tussle between the sweetness and fruit, but the fruit wins. Mango and mandarin with light icing sugar and faint spice - Jonny McCormick

Best Scotch Blended Malt Whisky 2009