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Dewar's Signature

Dewar's Signature

Scotch Blended Whisky 21 Years and Over 2016

Rich, wildflower honey on the nose with an oily, luxurious, malty body. The finish is a graceful glide into smooth, distant, well-balanced heat.

Silver Medal 2015

Dense, mature and fragrant with dusty spice and violets. Quite woody with a distinct, mature Spey-like character. With time hints of citrus, leather and tobacco appear. Palate opens with the soft, dusty, mature spice and luscious honey.

Those spices are gorgeously crumbly! Plenty of mature oak and citrus comes through on the middle. Long and spicy finish with lingering violets, mature oak and honey are joined by a smidge of earthy peat.

A beautiful, mature blend with the grain very hidden by the malt.

Best Scotch Blended Whisky No Age Statement 2009

Best Scotch Blended Whisky No Age Statement 2008