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Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish

Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish

Bronze Medal 2016

Vinous red fruit is prominent in the nose with a touch of barley and dusty spice. White fruit, grass and sweet oak and bubblegum come through later with hints of barley – a very well balanced bouquet. The palate is heavier on what appears to be the finishing cask, with more winey red fruit and hints of syrup. Lightly tannic and chocolaty with hints of vanilla, barley, apricot and greengage – a bracing minerality adds balance. The finish is of medium length and very spicy, with a touch of herbal citrus and subtle honey. A well-balanced and integrated whisky.

Bronze Medal 2015

Butterscotch sauce, vanilla custard, very sweet and creamy, with a hint of liquorice and stewed plums. Very summery and light.