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Grand Royal

Grand Royal

Best Asian Blended 2014

Subtle, oily and quite grainy with hot fudge, cold tea and a light soapy note. It seems more grain dominated, but that grain is pleasantly herbal and rye-like. With time the white fruit becomes quite perfumed. The palate is soft and straightforward and again quite oily and herbal. Like the nose, predominantly grain with hints of leafy, stewed, cold tea and herbal rye-like notes. Chris Goodrum

Walnut skins, fruity, candied leather, nutty with dusty wood. Seáneen Sullivan

Subtle peat and toffee. Burnt wood, quite sweet with a slight green note. Lucy Britner

Chocolate, blackcurrant and liquorice sweets. Autumnal notes in the background. Fruit compote meets chocolate on the very soft palate. Tim Forbes