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Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Best Irish Blended 2014

Lovely balance of fruit sweetness and gentle cereal notes. Pencil shavings and green tomatoes. Heavy on the grain with a decent long finish. Luco Ducrocq

Strawberries, jam sugar, the syrup from tinned fruit. Toasted fruit bread and almonds on the palate. Juicy finish. Seáneen Sullivan

Tinned pineapple and kiwi, Yeasty dough comes with time, light ice cream on the palate. Jason Thomson

Honey, caramel pudding, and hints of rosehip. A very flowery malt with flavours of pepper, spice and sweet jams. Balanced and refreshing. Joseph Cassidy

Light green apple notes, lots of grain and more apple. Good barley ‘grip’. Ben Ellefsen

Light orchard fruit character and subtle vanilla notes. Billy Leighton