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Longrow Red 11 Years Old

Longrow Red 11 Years Old

Best Campbeltown Single Malt 2015

Earthy and dusty red wine, cherry. Lightly butyric with plenty of intense woody, coffeed tannins. A touch of fishy peat appears along with coastal notes. Water emphasises the dried fruit and coffee. Soft palate, red wine cherry, and menthol notes. Coffeed tannins come through on the middle along with the peat. Dilution makes it sweeter with more emphasis on the red fruit. Long finish with hints of marzipan. Another mad Italian red wine (Barolo or Amarone).

Rich, dark, big character. Treacle, burnt wood, toffee apple, dark chocolate with cherry pieces. The palate is substantial with figs, dates, prunes, treacle toffee rolled in ash, raw Lapsang Souchong tea leaves.

Mouth-tickling, tannic finish.