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SLYRS PX Finishing

SLYRS PX Finishing

Best European Single Malt 2014

Cedar, mahogany and black tea. An elusive, haunting aroma, like faint cigar smoke. Old leather. Would be great with a cigar! Joseph Cassidy

Cardamon, black fruits and sherry. Full bodied with great oak sweetness, burnt sugar and cherries. Franci Ferla

Quite malty with boiled sweet sherry and coffee. Soft, full and malty palate with dark treacle and an almost dark rye-like note. Balanced with sherry in the background. Chris Goodrum

Rich toffee apple on the nose. Vanilla custard and slight burnt sugar. Raisins. Quite fiery on the palate but the fruit character remains. Long and uplifting baked apple finish. Lucy Britner

Rich, oaky nose with brazil nuts, autumn leaves, cinnamon and old polished wood. The palate has pecan pie and strong chocolate brownie character, the finish has good length with peppery spices. Tim Forbes

Slightly meaty, with a touch of sweet woody smokiness on the back palate. Rather interesting all round. Neil Ridley