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Sons of Liberty Seasonals Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey

Sons of Liberty Seasonals Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey

World's Best Flavoured Whisky 2014

There’s cinnamon pastries with red liquorice. Orange and clove, and then sumac berry on the nose. Honey and toffee with tangy spice kicking in, star anise and aniseed. Red cherry and cinnamon syrup on mocha on the palate. The finish is full of spicy and thick with juicy oak chips - Annabel Meikle

On the nose there is pungent aromas of camphor-like herbs with hints of green hops, menthol and honey. With time a semblance of whisky character emerges. Soft and full on the palate, opening with toasted  caramel and honey. Quite herbal on the middle with a light entholated character plus hints of boiled sweets - Chris Goodrum

Egg custard, a dusting of cinnamon, crusty apple pie topping and vanilla ice cream. Basically a cream dessert! The palate is surprisingly dry, with more of the apple pie, a big hit of cinnamon and clove. Liquorice brings up the rear. The spices linger and you’re left thinking about the empty plate of apple pie and custard - Neil Ridley