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Stauning Young Rye

Stauning Young Rye

Best European Rye 7 Years and Under 2014

Oak, vanilla, honey, spice and butterscotch. Straw and hint of lemon peel. Intense, spicy palate with cinnamon and black pepper, clove, honey and vanilla notes. Mark Gilespie

Stunning aroma of fresh sawn oak. Medium body with rye and marshmallow notes. Jim Anderson

Certainly a little smoke coming off the notes with hints of coffee and tobacco. The palate delivers slight caramel notes with a dry leather finish. Fred Minnick

Lots of pine needles and menthol. A slight hint of aniseed. On the palate it resembles an over spiced carrot cake and it is quite vegetal. Jason Thomson

Polished wood; fruity, especially pineapple; mineral notes reminiscent of Riesling – shale. Light solvents, wood sap, tobacco, molasses, All-bran; oily. Robin Laing