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Stranahan's Colorado Whisky Batch 112

Stranahan's Colorado Whisky Batch 112

Best American Non Bourbon 7 Years and Under 2014

Lemon zest, vanilla, soft oak and a hint of cocoa on the nose. Spicy palate with chilli powder and lemon pepper, vanilla, hints of honey and chocolate underneath. Mark Gillespie

This is a lovely whiskey, expressing hazelnut, coconut, caramel and toasted bread with hint of pear and peach. It’s smooth, crisp and ripe with citrus. Fred Minnick

Rich and sweet nose, caramelised sugar, glucose sweets, blackcurrants and a slight farmyard aroma. Palate of dark toffee and treacle tart sweetness just balancing the bitter bass notes of tobacco and leather. Robin Laing

Very fragrant nose. The palate is very funny, but to my liking. More agave, blood oranges, grapefruits, cranberries. Fun. Not quite whisky but who cares? I like. Serge Valentin

Pecan and menthol. Dried leaves in Autumn, Refreshers bar and caramel chews. Peanuts on the palate with chocolate and finished with the feel of fresh summer hay. Jason Thomson