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Teeling Whiskey Single Grain

Teeling Whiskey Single Grain

Best Irish Grain Whisky 2016

The nose is dry and rustic with hot cross buns with butter and sugar, vinous dried twigs and dusty floorboards. Powdered cinnamon on the tongue is joined by redcurrants, grape pips and spiced brown sugar with lots of wood influence. Dry and cleansing in the end with some subtle, lingering sweetness.

Bronze Medal 2015

Liquorish toffee on the nose. Then candied grapefruit chunks come through. Bitter sweet dark treacle toffee on the palate. Rum filled tropical fruit cocktails in waves.

World's Best Grain Whisky 2014

Good balance of sweetness and dryness providing a framework for their flavours to emerge - Ian Wisniewski

Orange fondant syrup, clove and caramel, aniseed, five spice and walnuts. Maturing and drying - Annabel Meikle

Green and peachy, with loads of sawdust on the nose. Rich and spicy on the palate, excellent balance with no rough edges - Ben Ellefsen

Sweet spice with vanilla and peach, good lingering finish - Joseph Cassidy

Custard, brûlée, gentle warmed oak and candied, dried fruit. Tropical, almost leathery. Juicy and full mouthfeel, grain flavours layered with sweet plum. Lengthy finish - Seáneen Sullivan

Fresh and lively nose with suggestions of lemon curd, honey and vanilla. Oak shavings. The palate is full of jam, dough and white chocolate - Jason Thomson

Sweet, rich, mellow with soft spices on the nose. Buttery, butterscotch, excellent maturity. Long lasting finish and perfect balance between sweetness and dryness. - Ludo Ducrocq