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Teeling Whiskey Single Malt

Teeling Whiskey Single Malt

Irish Single Malt Whisky No Age Statement 2016

Roasted barley, stewed blackberries, green apple skins, aged wood and pink peppercorns make up the bouquet. The palate is comprised of hazelnuts, under ripe blackberries, creamy vanilla, and strong wood influence. The finish is lightly alcoholic with a hint of menthol.

Best Irish Single Malt 2015

Very light on the nose, with some vanilla ice cream and boiled sweets. The palate is sharp and oily, with apple skin, and sweet and sour apple.

Good balancing of dried fruit and honeycomb with wood influence.

Citrus and nail varnish on the nose, a little vanilla sweetness and pears. A very fruity palate, mostly dried fleshy fruits. Still fruity on the finish with a little varnish.