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The Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 5

The Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 5

Gold Medal 2016

Very fresh aromas with a train-load of tropical fruit. A hefty attack on the palate follows with a very fresh bite, full of tropical fruits. Long in the finish but it remains fresh. Well balanced and complex, this must have had a long period of maturation. The focus appears to be on the fruitiness and I would consider the result a perfect achievement.

Silver Medal 2015

Old style sooty and smoky nose, full of ashes, acrid grass, grapefruits and green spices. Cumin, bitter herbs, lime, old cellar and a little brine. Pretty 'retro'. Feels like old whisky from refill wood.

More grass, lemon sherbet, peat smoke, gravel, cigar ashes, cider apples.. Also oysters. Big boy. Long, sharp, old-school, sooty and smoky, finish with a sharp lemony aftertaste.

High class un-modern blend. Sometimes a little challenging, but all for the better.