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Thomas H Handy Sazerac

Thomas H Handy Sazerac

World's Best Rye Whisky 2014

Whipped cream, cotton candy, cinnamon and honey on the nose. Spicy palate with caramel, vanilla with a hint of blueberry and fig. Fred Minnick

A blast of wood and caramel. Toffee popcorn and vanilla. Sweet golden syrup and a lovely dry palate. Cinnamon and marzipan. Jason Thomson

Prominent alcohol, charred oak, citrus and childhood blancmange. Sweet mandarins, spicy rye, lozenges. Waxy with water and the flavour becomes more like a caramel pudding. A lovely dark rye character. Jonny McCormick

Plums stewed in heavy syrup. The palate is floral, elegant and juicy. Almost tropical. Good balanced oak. Jammy. There’s no burn for the ABV, lovely finish. Seáneen Sullivan