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Tobermory 15 Years Old

Tobermory 15 Years Old

Best Island Single Malt 13 to 20 Years 2015

Ole! We are off to sunny Spain with a hit of sweet sherry (Oloroso or PX), then some honey coated marzipan. On the palate, tobacco ash all across the tongue, with a dollop of old wood and dust. The finish is dry, musty old bodega. I’m transported to the backstreets of a sleepy Spanish hacienda.

Best Islands Single Malt 13 to 20 Years 2014

Burnt raisins, fruitcake and rubber on the nose, slightly peculiar. Strong raisin, fruitcake and gingerbread notes on the palate, but the curious rubbery note remains. Tim Forbes

Big hit of menthol, anise and very dry sherry cask notes. A little bitter around the edges. Neil Ridley

Delicate floral, slightly smoky nose. Apple and honey. Fresh, delicate on the palate, very, very smooth. A refined and delicate finish. Lucy Britner